Les résonances où l’oreille se penche

Les résonances où l’oreille se penche
65X50 cm. Technique Mixte sur Papier 2010


A fork in the road

little girl poses
quite frankly disposes of unwanted materials

pink discretion
fighting a cancerous growth
poppies spring forth like a drug to make you sleep

I wear glasses she says
why? asked the infamous other
maybe because I live in seekers wonder

trees sprout up everywhere
she sings them as a timeless wonder
marigold expression
a hoarse speech
evaluate the evangelical context of our language

I am headed towards the blue springs
limestone remininsance
evading the law of the land

I count backwards
can I see from here if I close my eyes
dancing scorpian stings my drawl

can't get the words out
can't escape this effervesant hell

to instill the power of the bee
is to drink its honey

every color transitions onto the ladder of hope

everything weighs me down
I can only see sideways

I walk slowly
we wish to share silence

but the insect's song is too loud
he looks like a leaf
until he springs to his feet

trapped between space and time

I linger
total eclipse of the heart
eco-friendly visitor
quench my thirst
my lips are stained red
that's how I see the fork in the road

it is a feeling
rather than an optical illusion

I take the invasion of my thoughts
lie still they say
that's how the pain goes away

still the sketch of Heaven attracts me
How do I evade the law of thermodynamics?

when blood pours down here
it is in my veins to wonder
in my mind to get away

but I remain a one time splendor

awaiting redemption because that's how my ears can see the future
far away from this tender prison

I go on without doubt
to win I lose weight
as the kilos drop my feet sink into the ground

masking an earth bound misfit with contemporary freedom

stand if you can

and the infamous other says again, 'I reply, if only I...

Hala Hoagland