Bi el aadjar

Bi el aadjar
65X50 cm.Technique mixte sur papier 2011



My face wears lace

can twins fly free? in a midst of secracy

clouded by distant memories
I see the apple tree run free

My eyes are aware
I do not discuss the past
for the present is still the same
birds block my view
hold me
how long should I wait to be recognized?
star search reveals a heavy rain
but it doesn't stain with blood
no, it's only ink
an ink blot test to check our sanity
flowers are abundant
yet I do not know what still lies within
my face is covered with lace
white for purity
white for my ancestor's tears
white because I am a woman
in this city that extends past into the future
my neck is long and lean
since we lost some of our arms in the war
the quest for freedom to be our own name
butterflys still flutter despite the green grass that lines only the borders of our existence

paisley fences block my clear view
still I see old or young
while life remains a concrete sum of every generation that has continued to carry the load of our home
I remain part of the family tree

my numbers changing
abundance is certain to avoid a famine of the mind

will it rain again today?
for the clouds are gray and dreary

yet rain is life
how the flowers grow
how the tree remains steady
how I know you

and most of all how I let go of the chains and fences that hold me back

it is a gift
to wrinkle time and give way to a snake's eye view of determination

exterminating nothing for each head scarf has its place

serving as a reminder that I will always belong here



Hala Hoagland