Le cœur qui sait lire les étoiles

Le cœur qui sait lire les étoiles
65X50 cm. Technique Mixte sur Papier 2010



ever so swiftly they gather above
sweet bird on time of time
the sound is not muffled when you hear it twice

flag me down feather of sacred occurence
she is perched under his protection of love

not hanging wildly alone
but set rather precisely in her place

star of crescent come follow me
let the channels of a grandfather clock speak loudly to me

moon of moon
son of sun
hear me as I flock to be desensitized

my heart remains a group dance
the flowers are certain they have seen me before

of patchwork of blue song
May I please unburden myself upon thee?

yes of course, you have a solid chair to recline upon

paisley master set me free
she is happiness
not solitary disregard but communal inheritance

swing low and gather not what brings tears

but settle upon a beauty mark of love

star struck loveliness ingested by a potion of eternal love

Hala Hoagland