À l’air qui se réjouit de leur danse

À l’air qui se réjouit de leur danse
65X50 cm. Technique Mixte sur Papier 2010


The single dance

It's remarkable how much you look like me

you dance like me too
red crow eye bandit

green mountain hot shower
don't claw me now
I am your stigma
I stir the bowl
your patchwork chest is golden

don't stare at me
I am even bolder than I appear
single girl
flutter forth

don't show me your stony exterior

I want to believe
believe in the myth of you

four leaf clover
be my lucky charm

twin birds lead the way
yet I can barely stomach them
don't tell me what to do

the paintbrush will reveal who I really am

star light so bright
give or take a few small miracles

she wavers like a high soprano
standing tall
don't take that away from me she declares

glancing at her own glamour
she puts her makeup on
cheeks rouge
half moon eye shadow

where is the duck when you need him
quack quack sweet whispers

heard but not seen

a last ditch attempt at laughter
she smiles back

oh how do I get off track when all I want is to succeed in properity

Hala Hoagland